Guillaume Matheron

Data scientist, PhD in computer science

Tag: Personal

  • 3D printed Duplo-compatible locomotive

    Download on This locomotive can fit on lego duplo tracks. Blender files are provided for adjustments. Required hardware :

    3D printed Duplo-compatible locomotive
  • Curiosity rover in Kerbal Space Program with working rocker-bogie suspension and differential

    It’s always a privilege doing what I love for a living. This past two months I’ve been on Curiosity’s next-of-kin at the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena. On a boring evening, I started to try making a working Curiosity rover in Kerbal Space Program. The main two challenges were the rocker-bogie suspension and its…

    Curiosity rover in Kerbal Space Program with working rocker-bogie suspension and differential
  • My Movies List

    Input large lists of movies using the IMDB api. Features seamless tracking of un-registered users and registration.

    My Movies List
  • Airport architect

    WIP airport simulation game, inspired by Prison Architect and RimWorld

    Airport architect
  • Orbit simulator

    Orbit is a small orbital simulator made in BlitzPlus. It originated as a research project on Lagrangian points in the {Earth, Moon} system. The simulation starts un-paused but at a very slow speed. If you want to see something, hit “,” (QWERTY) or “;” (AZERTY) a few times. The earth is in the center, the…

  • MaTron game

    Simple game of TRON, with a special blind mode in which the trails don’t appear ! Points are shown at the bottom of the screen, and controls are WASD and arrow keys.

    MaTron game
  • Protected: Tank Fortress game

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

    Protected: Tank Fortress game
  • Old-school WEP wifi hacking

    This is a pretty old technique, often cited to demonstrate flaws in once-commonly-used security schemes. In this article you will learn how to attack a WEP access point (AP). You will need : I assume you are already familiar with linux and the general operation of wireless networks. Step 1 Start your wireless card in…