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Repairing a key fob with a broken button

A family member mentioned that she had a broken key fob for her garage door, in which the left button was inoperative. It seemed very likely that the switch itself was broken, so I offered to replace it.

However, I did not have time to source a new switch, so I opted to wire a microswitch in parallel and design a new case that would fit the original PCB with the new switch.

New and old case.
I simply wired the microswitch in parallel without removing the defective switch.

The various posts hold the PCB circuit horizontally and laterally, and the holes are designed to accept self-tapping cap head M3 screws. The lid has recessed compartments so the screw heads don’t protrude at all.

The various protrusions in the lid either lock with corresponding features in the case, or prevent side-to-side slipping
The LED is visible through the PETG case
A few iterations were required to get a good fit

The source and print files are available at PrusaPrinters.

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